Analyzing Specialty Fabrics

Performance Fiber Selection Explained

There is no perfect fiber.   Unfortunately, no single performance fiber can do it all – they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  On the other …

Aerospace Specialty Fabric

Specialty Narrow Fabrics for Aerospace and Space Travel

From the first flying pterosaurs, who 160 million years ago evolved hollow, low-density skeletons, to the Wright brothers, with their canvas and balsa wood aircraft, …

firefighter turnout gear material

Specialty Narrow Textiles For The 21st Century Firefighter

Needing to be prepared for any number of challenging and dangerous scenarios in their work, and often having to carry protective equipment and clothing to …

synthetic webbing slings in action

Synthetic Webbing Slings For Crane Rigging

Cranes, hoists, and other types of load-bearing lifting machines utilize an array of different rigging to safely and effectively secure, raise, and deposit an endless …

safety webbing being tested in a lab

Safety Webbing: Choosing The Right Webbing For Your Product

When most people hear the term “webbing” they likely first think of spiders, or perhaps the skin between a duck’s toes.  What they may not …

nomex vs kevlar on a test dummy

Kevlar® vs Nomex®: Aramid Comparison

Kevlar® vs Nomex® Of all the high-performance fibers used to manufacture specialty fabrics, the name Kevlar® is likely the most recognized by textile insiders and …

spools of technora webbing fibers

Product Highlight: Technora® Webbing

When it comes to specialized webbings, whose high performance is critical to safety, longevity, and the durability of a final-product application, yarns constructed from para-aramid …

kevlar vs vectran

High-performance Comparison: Vectran Vs Kevlar

If you’re looking for a high-performance fiber for your next project, you’ve probably come across Kevlar and Vectran as potential options. But which one is …

flame resistant vs flame retardant with orange and blue flames

Flame Resistant Vs. Flame Retardant Webbing, Tapes, & Elastics

In the world of specialized artificial materials for fire resisting personal protective equipment (PPE), there are materials that offer flame resistance and materials that are …

town without deployable flood walls

Textile Flood Protection-Floodproofing With Deployable Flood Walls

There are several types of floods, and the damage each can do to your home or business can be quite different. Understanding the different types …

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