synthetic webbing slings in action

Synthetic Webbing Slings For Crane Rigging

Cranes, hoists, and other types of load-bearing lifting machines utilize an array of different rigging to safely and effectively secure, raise, and deposit an endless …

safety webbing being tested in a lab

Safety Webbing: Choosing The Right Webbing For Your Product

When most people hear the term “webbing” they likely first think of spiders, or perhaps the skin between a duck’s toes.  What they may not …

nomex vs kevlar on a test dummy

Kevlar® vs Nomex®: Aramid Comparison

Kevlar® vs Nomex® Of all the high-performance fibers used to manufacture specialty fabrics, the name Kevlar® is likely the most recognized by textile insiders and …

spools of technora webbing fibers

Product Highlight: Technora® Webbing

When it comes to specialized webbings, whose high performance is critical to safety, longevity, and the durability of a final-product application, yarns constructed from para-aramid …

kevlar vs vectran

High-performance Comparison: Vectran Vs Kevlar

If you’re looking for a high-performance fiber for your next project, you’ve probably come across Kevlar and Vectran as potential options. But which one is …

flame resistant vs flame retardant with orange and blue flames

Flame Resistant Vs. Flame Retardant Webbing, Tapes, & Elastics

In the world of specialized artificial materials for fire resisting personal protective equipment (PPE), there are materials that offer flame resistance and materials that are …

town without deployable flood walls

Textile Flood Protection-Floodproofing With Deployable Flood Walls

There are several types of floods, and the damage each can do to your home or business can be quite different. Understanding the different types …

uhmwpe vs kevlar

The Core Differences Between UHMWPE & Kevlar

When it comes to manufacturing with specialty narrow fabrics, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for tape, elastic, or heavy-duty …

berry compliant webbing

Berry Compliant Webbing | Why Is It Important?

Did you know that Berry compliant webbing has been crucial in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic? The New Jersey governor’s office even lauded it as a “life-sustaining …

custom webbing straps

Custom Webbing Straps At OTEX – Our Options

No matter how simple or complex, any project can be done with the right materials. OTEX offers custom webbing straps that are designed for any …

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