kevlar vs vectran

High-performance Comparison: Vectran Vs Kevlar

If you’re looking for a high-performance fiber for your next project, you’ve probably come across Kevlar and Vectran as potential options. But which one is …

flame resistant vs flame retardant with orange and blue flames

Flame Resistant Vs. Flame Retardant Webbing, Tapes, & Elastics

In the world of specialized artificial materials for fire resisting personal protective equipment (PPE), there are materials that offer flame resistance and materials that are …

town without deployable flood walls

Textile Flood Protection-Floodproofing With Deployable Flood Walls

There are several types of floods, and the damage each can do to your home or business can be quite different. Understanding the different types …

uhmwpe vs kevlar

The Core Differences Between UHMWPE & Kevlar

When it comes to manufacturing with specialty narrow fabrics, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for tape, elastic, or heavy-duty …

berry compliant webbing

Berry Compliant Webbing | Why Is It Important?

Did you know that Berry compliant webbing has been crucial in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic? The New Jersey governor’s office even lauded it as a “life-sustaining …

custom webbing straps

Custom Webbing Straps At OTEX – Our Options

No matter how simple or complex, any project can be done with the right materials. OTEX offers custom webbing straps that are designed for any …

zoomed in image of specialty fibers

The Future Of Ultra Strong Specialty Fibers

While people don’t often associate the textiles and fabrics industry with cutting edge or crucial technological developments, it is in fact a hugely important area …

engineer with arc flash protection

Our Types of Arc Flash Protection Fabric And Their Uses

Whether you work as an electrical engineer or simply in an environment where electrical flashes are a risk, it’s important to stay protected. Failure to …

uhmwpe webbing

Why Your Rigging Business Should Upgrade To UHMWPE Webbing

There is a multitude of webbing materials used in every different industry. However, the rigging industry requires some of the most robust webbing and the …

what is webbing

What Is Webbing And Its Uses In Various Industries

Webbing refers to fabric of varying width and strength woven from different materials. It’s made by using looms to weave yarn into strips. Unlike rope, …

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