Spotlight: Exact RPA: 2023 Software Investment of the year

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Ambitious companies all over the world are choosing Exact RPA to complete their business software experiences.

Companies are subscribing to Exact’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution as a technology enabler to support their ambitious growth goals in the coming years. One such company is OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics, a family owned, advanced manufacturer of high-performance narrow fabrics.

Tim Offray, OTEX Executive Vice President of Business Operations, believes that Exact RPA was the missing software solution that is now driving their business systems into the future.

“Since implementing Exact RPA, OTEX has been able to increase operational efficiency throughout all aspects of the company, enhance and improve user experience and implement unique, customizable automation tools that bring unmatched value to our employees, customers and suppliers. Exact RPA enables small businesses, such as OTEX, to seamlessly implement dynamic, user-friendly features that enhance functionality, reduce training time and integrate a variety of other ancillary software with our ERP system through its view builder and rules engine tools.”

Exact RPA’s connectivity feature enable businesses like OTEX to connect many of their IT investments together through Exact Synergy. With the RPA view builder, companies can bring their ERP data into focus through Exact Synergy, enabling Synergy’s workflow, social and document features to interact on their transactions. With the RPA rules engine, companies can automate otherwise manual business processes while replacing outdated, event management technology platforms.

Exact believes RPA gives companies the necessary tools to create and retain more knowledgeable employees in the business. By connecting new and old software investments together, Exact RPA provides consolidated insight into business data and automates predictable outcomes, regardless of the platform in use. Our customers have reinforced to us that Exact RPA’s rich feature set and affordable price point gives their organizations a high-quality software solution to grow their business. Even as companies change investments in back-end, ERP software and event management applications, Exact RPA is being seen as a versatile asset for adopting newer technology.

As for the future, Tim Offray and OTEX see a world of possibilities with Exact RPA:

“OTEX is greatly looking forward to exploring the wide array of functionality that Exact RPA offers. These include, but are not limited to – customizing core ERP processes such as Shop Floor Control, Inventory Management and Order Entry within Synergy. This will allow employees to operate from a single interface while executing what would otherwise be time consuming tasks, requiring multiple programs running simultaneously. Since implementing Exact RPA, each day new ideas are presented for how we can utilize the unmatched process automation that this software offers. OTEX looks forward to continuing to improve itself as a business and trusted U.S. manufacturer by utilizing all that Exact RPA has to offer.”

Exact RPA

With Exact Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Exact Synergy, companies are saving money while increasing productivity through business process automation and better insights into data. Exact RPA lets you integrate your Exact Synergy environment with Exact Globe, Exact Online, and other ERP solutions including SAP, Acumatica, Sage, Epicor, ECi Macola, JobBOSS and Max. Using Exact RPA, companies can bring ERP transactions to life with Synergy workflow, social and document management features, while automating repetitive workflow and ERP activity resulting from RPA insight. For more information on how Exact RPA can benefit your company, click here.

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