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Polyester 2 Wire Elastic Strap
Polyester/Peek Webbing With LED Glowire
Polyester Tape With PVC Coated Stainless Steel Wires
Polyester Webbing With a 4 Wire Customized configuration
Polyester And Tinsel Wire Tape

OTEX Manufactures E-Textile Narrow Fabrics Using Wires and Conductive Yarns

OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® has the technical expertise to integrate wires, monofilaments, and conductive yarns into narrow fabrics for use in numerous textiles applications that can replace or enhance, prior electric/electronic systems. Our ability to engineer products to our customers’ unique configurations will transform traditional fabrics into highly functional integrated systems and products. Your unique textile is now a “device” with the capability to see, hear, sense, communicate, store, monitor, and convert energy and/or data.

OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® QC & Test Lab ensures our products conform to the highest industry standards for critical applications.

Examples of Smart Fabric and E-Textile end use applications

  • Component of a sports performance monitoring system
  • Integrated into a specialized garment to monitor the physiological condition
  • Regulate/sense temperature
  • Heath monitoring apparel
  • Internet-connected apparel – Gaming
  • Power and data transmission within military apparel/equipment
  • Remote clinical observation devices
  • Power source for disaster relief housing
  • Underground stress detection

OTEX E-Textile Products are engineered in multiple configurations

  • Clients can customize to their own specifications
  • Technical R&D team available for consultative services
  • Various yarn blends available to build your e-textile
  • Wires and/or conductive yarns are purchased as specified by the client
  • Finishes or coatings are available

Smart Fabric and E-Textile Attributes

  • Determined by the client per the application

For more technical information visit our Fibers Explained page


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