About Our Narrow Fabric Company

OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® is an advanced manufacturer of high-performance narrow fabrics. We offer a full portfolio of products, as well as comprehensive custom product development services. We make it our business to fully understand the performance requirements specific to your products and services. The OTEX Fabric Research & Development team works closely with our clients to improve and differentiate their products. We share your commitment to performance excellence. The OTEX QC Test Lab ensures the sourcing, strength and safety of our products. Our best-in-class production workflows deliver truly novel product solutions on-time and at optimal costs. Our customer engagement team members offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise. You can rely on them to be proactive, perceptive and responsive to your needs.

We develop powerful and collegial business partnerships with our clients. We look forward to a future of collaboration, in order to help you deliver the products your customers demand. We encourage you to visit our advanced manufacturing facility.

Our History

Reaching back to 1560 in Lyon, France, OTEX is a company with a rich weaving history spanning 14 generations. In 2016 we realized that our company had outgrown our family name: the technologies we use, the innovations we develop, the markets we serve, and, most importantly, our mission had changed.

Today, we weave to the highest standards to save lives and prevent injury. We renamed the company OTEX. For Denise A. Offray, 4th Generation owner, and our executive management team, our new name both acknowledges the family history as weavers and the leading advanced textile manufacturer that we have become.