Our Textile Research And Development Lab

A fundamental and strategic goal at OTEX is to position our company as the premier innovator, manufacturer, and authority on performance narrow textiles for mission-critical applications.  Achieving this aim is a never-ending challenge and one that we relish; pushing the limits for narrow fabric capabilities and uses is what drives us.  The numerous breakthroughs that our engineers and technicians have developed have fueled all types of product innovations and improvements in so many important industries that advance and protect lives. 


The OTEX Research and Development team works closely with our clients to improve and differentiate their products. We share their commitment to performance excellence.  Where other companies shy away from development challenges, our team welcomes opportunities to explore and design one-of-a-kind textile solutions that incorporate new materials in news ways that exceed existing, or even expected performance limits.

Looking for a narrow textile product solution, but unsure of where to start (performance targets, fibers, etc.)?  Use our Product Development Survey to get started – this will help us recommend just the right solution for your final use.

As an inaugural member of AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fabrics of America), OTEX is among the leaders in engineering and manufacturing technical textiles.

The AFFOA consortium is a Manufacturing USA Institute® housed at MIT and Lincoln Laboratories, and is jointly funded by the Department of Defense and private enterprise.
One of the original 14 institutes formed by White House, AFFOA brings together universities, government and private enterprises ranging from fabric manufacturers to software and nanotechnology developers. Its aim is to ensure that the United States remains the leader in the manufacturing and development of new innovations in fiber science and advanced textiles with extraordinary capabilities