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No matter how simple or complex, any project can be done with the right materials. OTEX offers custom webbing straps that are designed for any occasion and come in a variety of different features to suit your needs. Whether it’s industrial rigging, cargo tie-downs, car safety harnesses, or something else entirely – OTEX has you covered.

We focus on the specific needs of our customers, with options for both long-term and short-term uses. We stock webbing material in several widths, counts, and colors to ensure you get precisely what you need for any task. With our webbing straps, you’ll be able to attach cargo and other items securely and efficiently. We provide various options for almost any application with our large selection of high-quality products.

Why Choose Customized Webbing Straps from OTEX?

OTEX is an industrial webbing company for multiple industries. We are the leading provider of options for custom webbing straps, with high-quality real-time online quoting. Our precise tool lets you get a detailed estimate for your desired product(s) in just minutes.

While we offer a comprehensive list of standard products, we specialize in custom webbing straps and other items that fit each customer’s unique needs. We understand that every product is different and requires precision to ensure you receive exactly what you need the first time.

Our webbing straps are designed to be as durable as possible for the specific application, and we offer a wide variety of colors. We also have many different strap thicknesses available. If you can’t find what you need, contact us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Our Custom Webbing Straps Suit Various Industries

We have a wide range of webbing strap options to meet the needs of each industry, and we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t put our name on. We understand that knowing your product is as reliable as possible is essential for many buyers, as it protects their investment.

We offer a standard product line for those who need webbing straps but aren’t sure what to buy. Many of these items are commonly used in the transportation industry, so they tend to be highly durable and reliable. Whether you are a fire PPE procurement specialist, product designer, or lift rigging specialist, we cater to your specific needs and pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done right.

Our Capabilities in Serving Narrow Fabric Industries

Since OTEX is a leading provider of narrow fabrics for multiple industries, we have many technical capabilities. Our team offers expertise in the standards and specifications that matter most to you. We also specialize in custom materials that fit your exact requirements and offer a large selection of stock products that comply with industry standards. No matter your needs, we have a product that can help you. We serve industries like:


OTEX has a large selection of materials used in aircraft during production and after they are put into service. Our webbing straps and many other items, such as harnesses, can be implemented to keep people safe during transport or while on the job.

Fire Safety

We can meet your requirements whether you need new escape ropes or replacement straps for your fire-resistant clothing. Our custom webbing straps and other items can help you feel safe while fighting fires and carrying out inspections.

Heavy Equipment

OTEX has a wide variety of materials that fit the needs of people who work with heavy equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, or excavators. We also offer special webbing strapping to ensure the safety of workers while carrying out their daily tasks.

Lift Rigging

OTEX can create custom lifting equipment that meets your specifications. If you need straps, chains, or other items for construction, shipbuilding, or offshore work, we are the best choice to get it done right.


Our custom webbing products are made to ensure your medical equipment is safe under all circumstances. We also offer material for other types of medical devices, such as stethoscopes or defibrillators.


OTEX provides various options that meet military specifications for materials and webbing straps, including the top-quality MIL-W-5088 Type III Class 2 specification.


Whether you need strapping to complete a job or want to replace your old materials, OTEX can help. We have a large selection of high-quality options that meet DOT regulations and other standards.

Law Enforcement

Our custom products fulfill the needs of law enforcement applications with elastics, tapes, webbing, and bindings required for Special Ops and Field Duty PPE and tactical gear.

We Are Happy to Help You with Your Custom Strapping Needs

OTEX is more than just a supplier of industrial webbing straps and other narrow fabrics. We also offer the utmost in quality through our experienced team and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. This means you can order with confidence knowing your product will be ready when you need it.

We also offer rush services and can get your items delivered quickly, ensuring you get your materials in time for production deadlines. For ordering custom webbing straps from OTEX, define your requirements in terms of tensile strength, fabric type, width, application, and estimated volumes. Leave the rest on us so that you can worry about other important issues.

We offer custom industrial webbing straps to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring their safety and improving efficiency. Our materials are flexible enough to handle almost any task without compromising quality or reliability.

Fabric Options We Offer

OTEX offers a wide selection of textiles across the narrow fabric industry. Our products are meant to work with your equipment, ensuring you have the best solution for your needs.

Kevlar Webbing

This is the perfect solution for your high-performance strapping needs. Our Kevlar webbing straps are made with 100% Kevlar aramid fibers. They are resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and flame. They also offer excellent strength for their weight.

Polyester Webbing Straps

Our polyester straps are built with faultless strength, perfect for heavy-duty jobs. We can also provide other products that meet MIL-C-5040 specifications or other requirements if you want to promote using these items in your inventory.

Vectran Webbing Straps

OTEX offers a wide range of webbing products with all the strength and durability you need. Vectran strapping is perfect for jobs that call for toughness and dependability.

Industrial Webbing Straps & Other Products

OTEX also offers a variety of other products in addition to webbing straps, such as hook and loop tapes, polyester products, nylon gear ties, apparel fabrics, narrow fabrics, and other items. We keep all our materials in stock for a fast turnaround when required.

We are happy to assist you with your custom webbing needs. If you need help designing a product or have any questions, please contact us today!


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