Berry Compliant Webbing | Why Is It Important?

berry compliant webbing

Did you know that Berry compliant webbing has been crucial in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic? The New Jersey governor’s office even lauded it as a “life-sustaining product.” Our webbing is in the manufacture of many forms of medical PPE, essential for hospital staff and others.

So what exactly is Berry compliant webbing, why is it important, and why should you care? Read on to find out why OTEX is uniquely situated to provide you with these products!

What is Berry Compliance?

The Berry Amendment was passed in 1941 as part of ongoing efforts in World War II to increase the safety and security of the armed forces. Its purpose is also to support local US-based textiles companies. But for a company to be Berry compliant, it must meet specific standards. The sourcing, growth, manufacturing, and reusing of textile materials must occur within the US alone. If any production involves development or goods sourced outside the US, it won’t comply.

If these thresholds and specifications aren’t met, products will not be Berry compliant. And if they are not compliant, they won’t be eligible for US Department of Defense contracts, a lucrative and growing market.

Importance of Berry Compliance

Berry compliance isn’t a gimmick. Compliance opens the door for synergistic development. Such development meets the needs of the most demanding applications on the planet.

Webbing products and the narrow fabrics industry continue to see record rates of innovation and expanding application due to extensive collaboration with the US government. Such cooperation allows us to meet market needs quickly and effectively, tuning our innovation and engineering.

And products made under these collaborative efforts are more performative than their non-compliant counterparts. The innovation and application demands required by the US military ensure that end products developed under compliance meet exacting standards.

The Role of Berry Compliance

Berry compliance isn’t merely about government support of the local textiles industry. The competition involved with defense contracts forces participants to innovate. Outperforming counterparts is necessary to keep products at the top of the stack. At OTEX, innovation and development are the foundation of who we are.

Compliance also plays a crucial role in supporting the broader US textile market, not just manufacturing. Berry compliance ensures that economic benefits remain within our borders, supporting small businesses. The production chain, from growth to manufacturing, spurs our local economy.

Berry compliance also helps support sustainability by incentivizing local reuse of textiles. Instead of disposing of worn gear, it can be remanufactured into new products once again.

Berry Compliant Webbing

Berry compliant webbing isn’t essential for the Department of Defense only. Compared to non-compliant counterparts, Berry compliant webbing is manufactured with 100% US-sourced materials. You support the local and broader US economy when you buy Berry compliant products.

Berry compliance is essential to the entire textiles industry, especially when it comes to narrow fabrics. Compliance also results in deep collaboration with the US military. Webbing arising from this partnership outshines and outperforms its non-compliant counterparts.

At OTEX, we go above and beyond. Not only do we provide Berry compliant products, but we innovate, test, and manufacture our webbing to a higher standard. We make sure our products will perform above and beyond their normal expectations.

Applications of Berry Compliant Webbing

The narrow fabrics market continues to grow in volume. More importantly, end-users are demanding greater performance from their products. At OTEX, we continue to innovate to achieve peak customer satisfaction.

Fire Service PPE

Firefighters risk their lives to extinguish blazes and rescue individuals from dangerous situations. Each day, they risk their lives to perform their jobs. As a result, they demand peak performance from their webbing and safety gear. OTEX delivers a deep supply chain with performative products designed to meet these demands.

One of our premier products in this category is our Sentry FR® webbing. It is elastic, reflective, and custom-printed to order. This webbing won’t drip or melt in high-heat environments that firefighters find themselves in daily.

Industrial Rigging

In lifting and rigging, engineers need their webbing to be performative. Tears, abrasions, and other defects reduce these products’ efficacy and service life. There’s nothing more annoying than having to halt operations to replace faulty webbing.

OTEX engineers understand these headaches. Our Sentry Lift designs have increased tensile strengths of up to 150% of standard products. This family of Berry compliant webbing is vastly superior, resisting cuts and abrasions with ease.

Smart Fabrics

As technology and fashion collide, so does the need for intelligent fabrics. As electronic dependence grows, so does the demand for products that eliminates pain points or provide new benefits. Our E-Textiles are designed to open up new possibilities with this expanding market in mind.

Other Applications

OTEX products aren’t limited to a few applications. Our Berry compliant webbing sees extensive and preferred use in all our markets. These include aerospace, transportation, medical and disaster, and industrial safety. Our webbings, tapes, drawcords, and other compliant products all meet the exacting standards of each of these broad markets. We continue to innovate and serve our customers at every level.

OTEX Services

We don’t just collaborate with the Department of Defense! If you’re a product designer, purchasing manager, or anyone else who wants to expand their product base and support the US economy, we’re here to help. We offer a broad range of services to help you integrate and develop your products. From beginning to end, from design to manufacturing, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our services include:

  • Design consulting
  • Raw Material and Assembly/Subcontract Sourcing
  • Prototyping Engineering
  • Textile Testing
  • Pilot Production
  • Mass Production

If you have any questions or inquiries about Berry compliant webbing or our services and products, we’d love to hear from you! You can call us at (908) 879-3636 or use our online form to reach out to us!


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