Why Your Rigging Business Should Upgrade To UHMWPE Webbing

uhmwpe webbing

There is a multitude of webbing materials used in every different industry. However, the rigging industry requires some of the most robust webbing and the best material.

UHMWPE webbing might be the right call for your business due to its versatile use and high resistance to cold. Below, we will discuss everything you need to know about the best rigging business solutions when it comes to webbing. Ready to learn more? Keep reading for more information!

What is UHMWPE?

UHMWPE stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. You may also know it by its brand names, such as Dyneema or Spectra. This webbing is often using industries that rely on the webbing strength and cannot afford to have it snap or break. These industries include fishing, aquaculture, mountaineering, and aerospace.

The reason why this is a favorite high-performance industry is that it repels water, stays tough in cold environments, and is lightweight. Due to these excellent attributes, it also performs well in ships and off-shore rigging.

UHMWPE Specifications

UHMWPE webbing is made of polyolefin fibers. These fibers are synthetic and consist of 85% polyethylene. The fibers are produced from a chain-growth of polymers, which are composed of large molecules, also called macromolecules. The synthetic fibers, and mainly due to the molecular structure, are resistant to many chemicals and are highly resistant to cold.

The melting point of UHMWPE webbing is somewhere between 144°C and 152°C. This is lower than most fibers used in webbing. However, it performs exceptionally well in low temperatures of up to -150°C when tested in a lab. There are several other applications other than webbing for UHMWPE. For example, it is known as an engineering plastic and is even used in certain joint implants.

Advantages of UHMWPE Webbing

UHMWPE has several key advantages that should be taken into account when selecting strong webbing for a rigging business. Depending on the environmental factors of the job, you may work with water and cold. In these situations, UHMWPE gives a great advantage.

As mentioned above, UHMWPE is resistant to frigid temperatures. Because of its lightweight, it also floats in water. In addition, due to the strength of the fibers and the large molecules, it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and has a good cut resistance. Additionally, it does well in seawater, as it is resistant to many different chemicals and substances.

Applications in the Rigging Business

The applications of UHMWPE are endless. As mentioned above, we saw that it is even used in implants and other medical applications. However, the rigging business can benefit greatly by using UHMWPE webbing on a regular basis.

Protective Gear

UHMWPE is a versatile product. The production of custom webbing with UHMWPE properties is typical to provide for the needs of your company.

Due to its cut resisting strength and lightweight material, it is not out of the ordinary to use UHMWPE for protective gear. Items such as helmets, suits, shirts, and more, can bring safety to your crew, allowing for a better work environment.

Straps and Ropes

The most common use for UHMWPE is straps and ropes, especially in the rigging industry. However, there are several environments and fields where this webbing is a chosen and reliable product.

For example, as a rigging company that works with construction crews to build high-rises and other large buildings, it is essential that the straps can bear the weight of the heavy items. Additionally, because UHMWPE is resistant to seawater, it is often used in the rigging of yachts and other ships, such as sailboats and cargo ships.

Off-shore oil rigging is another field where UHMWPE webbing is trusted and welcome. Again, due to the resistance to cold, salt-water, and its lightweight floating capabilities, it is easy to see why many rigging companies choose to upgrade to this particular webbing.

Other Applications

The applications of UHMWPE are endless, even outside the field of rigging—a lot of personal protective gear, such as kevlar bullet vests and helmets.

Many chefs and other industries that work with knives use UHMWPE gloves for their cut resistance. Additionally, UHMWPE is applicable in high-performance sports as well. Sports like sailing and mountain climbing, where strength and resistance are great assistance in the safety of an athlete.

When To Replace UHMWPE Webbing

The webbing is, of course, not invisible. Regular wear and tear can and does happen on a regular basis. The important thing to know is when to replace your UHMWPE webbing.

Abrasion and UV light often break down UHMWPE webbing. Although this might happen over time, it is essential that the webbing is inspected after each use. Look for signs of fraying at the edges and run your fingers along to check for weak spots or damage. Ensure that the webbing is stored correctly in a dark, cool space and try to keep it away from chemicals such as chlorine and sulfuric acid.

Get UHMWPE Webbing Today!

Upgrading your webbing to UHMWPE webbing might be the best decision for your company. It ensures safety due to its strength and resistance to several elements, including cold and water. Depending on your specific field, UHMWPE can bring your business to whole a new level.

Are you looking to upgrade or replace your current webbing? Contact us today or browse our website for several custom-made products. Additionally, we offer several valuable textile services from design consultation to mass production to give you the best experience there is to offer.


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