OTEX Achieves Longtime Goal for Fall-Protection Industry – Webbing Replacement for Steel Cables

June 2018, Bernardsville, New Jersey. OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® announces the launch of its revolutionary SENTRY LIFELINE™ webbing (patent-pending) as a substitute for steel cables for use in SRL (self-retracting lifeline) fall-protection systems and other applications.

Steel cables have long been the industry standard for what is called “Leading Edge” SRLs. The term leading edge refers to a set of specifications and tests for certifying the durability and sever-resistance a lifeline must endure to ensure the safety of an individual wearing fall-protection equipment. Sentry LifeLine™ is the first non-steel-cable lifeline to have passed the most rigorous ANSI test for SRLs in customer trials. This includes a variety of tests, requiring the lifelines to withstand heavy (300+ lbs.) weights being dropped, drawn, and suspended over sharp metal edges; this, in order to exceed even the most extreme examples of falls that could occur in the workplace. To-date, steel has provided this highest standard of safety – with other materials being utilized when the applications for safety were not as demanding.

Despite the advantages, steel cables also have their drawbacks; weight, limited flexibility, and rust (as well as the related need for lubrication/maintenance). To date, these were necessary sacrifices that many have chosen in exchange for top performance in the safety category. Finally – with OTEX’s Sentry LifeLine™ – there is an alternative that offers the security of steel, without any of the negative attributes. Lightweight, flexible, and unaffected by moisture, OTEX’s patent-pending webbing innovation is the first textile lifeline to offer the durability of steel with greater convenience and comfort.

Sentry LifeLine™ is already proving to be a game-changer in the fall protection industry. Nevertheless, it is evident that, as a substitute for steel cable, with unique performance properties and advantages, the applications for Sentry LifeLine™ seem only to be limited by the imaginations of product designers and engineers.

More to follow . . .


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