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  • Aerospace


    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® manufactures advanced products for developing technologies by following exacting performance specifications for commercial, government and aerospace enterprises. Our engineered webbing, tapes and bindings meet relevant industry standards for commercial aircraft, military and spacecraft. OTEX is recognized as a trusted supplier of mission critical material, product development and innovative solutions. Our quality assurance team tracks and tests our products from material source to finished product and provides lot-specific testing data in every shipment.
  • First Responders

    First Responders

    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® is a leading supplier to the Fire & Safety industry, producing high performance components used in life saving equipment for over 30 years. Our area of specialization and expertise is in the manufacture of FR harness webbing components for SCBA units, FR elastics for face masks, straps for thermal imaging cameras, lifelines and escape ropes for drag rescue devices. The OTEX collection of Sentry FR® elastics have superior “no melt/no drip” attributes that serve as a critical material for goggle straps, head harness straps and suspenders. Our products are engineered to meet the relevant UL and NFPA standards and tested for compliance on a lot by lot basis in our Quality Control and Test lab.
  • Industrial Safety

    Industrial Safety

    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® is a leading supplier of high performance materials used in shock absorbing, fall arrest and positioning lanyards, body belts; as well as harness webbing and straps used in fall protection systems that are required in multi-hazard situations. OTEX has been instrumental in developing multiple components used in “Arc Flash” rated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) applications and are pioneers in E-Textile development. Our Innovation Lab continues to expand our product line with performance enhancing technologies that are required for critical functionality.
  • Military


    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® manufactures and certifies Berry Compliant tapes, webbing, draw cords and elastics. Our registered Sentry FR® elastic line features high heat degradation resistance with “no melt, no drip” performance, which is critical when designing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Outdoor/Marine


    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® manufactures Sunbrella® tapes, webbing and bindings used in multiple marine environments. Our E-Z Lace® Supreme replaces the need for grommets for outdoor structures and geotextile applications. And that means that installation is quicker and production time is improved. OTEX E-Z Lace - High Tenacity polyester/acrylic webbing performs as a linking component for fabric architecture type structures with various configurations. We can also incorporate a reflective and hi-viz component for higher visibility when needed.
  • Transportation


    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® is a trusted and preferred supplier of specialty narrow fabrics throughout the various markets within the transportation industry, including marine shipping, aerospace transport as well as trucking and mass transit. OTEX webbing, ropes, straps, tapes and binding products are engineered specifically for multiple transportation mechanisms and loading systems. We can incorporate FR attributes, reflective, hi-viz and high tensile properties into our products to meet stipulated regulations for the safe transport of valuable or hazardous cargo.
  • Medical


    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® translates product requirements into product performance that is critical to the medical market. Our R&D focus for external medical device material revolves around custom textile components such as:- E-Textiles and Smart Fabrics that will impact future healthcare service delivery. OTEX also has the ability to manufacture anti-microbial webbing, straps and tapes for external body or medical device use. We also weave medical grade blood filters in our ISO 14644 Class 8 compliant room. Partner with us to develop your most innovative product concepts.
  • Tactical


    OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® manufactures and customizes unique components for use in tactically advanced apparel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where lives are on the line. Our durable collection of webbing, tapes, elastics, draw cords, zipper tape and bindings are ideal components for Duty and Special Ops tactical gear. Attention to detailing, utilizing our high performance material trims is essential to the safety of our nation’s protectors.
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