The Types Of E-Textiles Explained

types of e-textiles

E-textiles have become ubiquitous in numerous industries over the last few years. While e-textiles are more visible than ever, especially in sports contexts, many people are not familiar with the differences between standard textiles and e-textiles. To put it simply, e-textiles contain components that enable them to serve as part of an electronic system. These […]

The Different Types Of Webbing Explained

different types of webbing

As a designer, the one thing you should always be thinking about is your materials. What fabric is best for your design? What even is webbing? Choosing the right webbings can be vital, but how do you choose the right types of webbing for your project? Whether you’re trying to design specialized attire or creating protective gear […]

10 Benefits Behind Using OTEX’s Firefighter Webbing For Your Equipment

firefighter webbing

Firefighters are some of the most important members of any community. They work hard every day to keep your homes and your families safe. But they wouldn’t be able to do this without proper gear. If one piece on a fireman’s gear isn’t made of the right materials, it could lead to severe injury or […]

What Are The Best Alternatives To Kevlar?

kevlar alternative

Kevlar webbing is almost always the product you hear when discussing industrial yarns and high-performance fibers. But, did you know there are several alternatives? These alternatives can sometimes even be cheaper and achieve the same results as Kevlar because their composition is so similar. If you have never explored a Kevlar alternative for your needs, […]

What Are The Strongest Webbing Materials Available Today?

strongest webbing materials

When developing a product, you’ll want to know the strongest webbing materials available. You won’t want the webbing to be the weakest link in your product or safety gear. But what makes up a strong material for mission-critical products? This article covers the strongest webbing materials that resists UV rays, cutting and tears, and fire. Let’s start […]

Passive Vs. Active Smart Textiles

passive vs smart textiles

How many different types of clothes are on the market right now? How do designers come up with clothes that people want to wear on a daily basis? The purpose of clothes is generally to protect our bodies from the elements and maintain social dignity. But can the fabrics that make up our clothes do […]

OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics staying busy producing components for PPE

BERNARDSVILLE, N.J. – Founded as a ribbon-weaving company in 1876 and incorporated in 1921, OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance, mission-critical textiles for use in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and apparel since the 1970s. Read More

OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics – COVID19 Response

Bernardsville, NJ: Founded as a ribbon-weaving company in 1876 (and incorporated in 1921), OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance, mission-critical textiles (for use in Personal Protective Equipment – PPE, and Apparel) since the 1970s. Our primary markets include: First Responders (Fire Safety & Rescue, Emergency Health Services, Law Enforcement, etc.) […]